It’s not always about competition. There will always be a place in this great sport for the recreational player. Whether that goal is to improve fitness, learn a new sport, get dragged out by your wise friend,  or somewhere for former and current players to get together and regale each other with their (in)glorious escapades - there really is no community like the WP community!


Whether you swim with grace, float with ambition, or drown with style - we have a home for you!

Adult Fit

A program that puts fun & fitness as #1a and 1b. Desgned to be a challenging workout followed by an activity (be it a skills test, adapted game, or actual game). Like most other programs of this nature, it’s the number and quality of  participants that will dictate the success!

Adult League

Teams of 6 would play in this adapted league. It would be Co-Ed and full depth but only 17m (instead of 25m). Rules re-designed for the maximum enjoyment by all participants. Games of 20 minutes in length, with teams playing a few games a night. Get your team together for the September season! Players participating in this league may also get Seniors (age 21+) and Masters (30+) competitive travel opportunities!

Be Fit for Life

This Alberta initiative crosses 9 areas of the province with the Mision Statement of: “To work collectively to inspire, educate and support Albertans to lead healthy, physically active lifestyles.”