Havok WPC is the Competitive Club for the region south of Calgary / High River.  This includes Medicine Hat, Brooks, Taber, Lethbridge, and applicable rural areas.  Practice locations are dependent on where players are from, and the availability of pool time.  While being a regional club comes with some challenges, one of the great advantages is the individualized training which has led to our athletes being in high demand once they graduate beyond Provincial League into Westerns and Nationals.

U10 & Rookie ‘PUP’*


PUP (Plays-Under-Provincial) is an introduction into the competitive stream, where teams get together and play in recreational ‘camps’ rather than an official tournament.  The focus is on participation and the score is irrelevant.  These are incredibly entertaining events, where the parents enjoy themselves as much as the players!  Belt-floaters are allowed, and it really is all about just getting the kids involved and interacting with other teams and coaches.


* With our separation from the Alberta Water Polo Association, these events are not available at this time.



Age-Group Competition*

Gender Specific

Starting at U12, the competitive side turns towards Provincial Leagues and Western tournaments.  There is still a developmental focus until U14, when Team Alberta is starting to be built, and Western Championships.  Then U17 when teams are competing in Club Nationals, and players are being evaluated for National Team opportunities.  Alberta has also developed a strong U17 & U19+ recreational program in accordance with the Be Fit for Life model.  Being a mid-point between Calgary and Regina has also made Medicine Hat an ideal co-training location for all three programs.


*With our separation from the Alberta Water polo Association, these events are not available at this time.