Mini Polo is an introduction to the sport.  We use the Variable Depth area of the Leisure Center, or shallow end in other pools, so all players are able to touch at all times.  Progression in Mini-Polo is based on the skills developed and readiness for the next challenge, rather than a fixed age cycle. Currently the Mini-Polo program runs Friday evenings only, from 6:00-8:00.

Three Sessions per Year, each Session has 10 Practices

Fall :

Winter :

Spring :

September -> Christmas

New Year -> Easter

Easter -> School-End


These players are typically as young as 5, up to around 8, and play on a 1m (3’) floor. The fundamentals being taught at this level are Water Polo Swimming, introduction to Eggbeater, (1-Hand) Passing and Shooting, and the basic positional concepts of Offense and Defense.  This program focuses on the “Play to Learn” model, and therefore has a 75/25 target towards game experience rather than skill repetition.  Concepts in the game itself are adapted to encourage specific skills being targeted for that session, and team-focused play.


These are players, up to age 13, who are able to manage in deep water for 15-20 minutes, and are successful with the majority of the fundamental skills.  Most of the practice, including warm ups and most skill development, take place in 1.35m (4’) depth.  Belt floaters are acceptable for additional help if needed. This level typically works on a 50/50 split between game and skills, with a greater focus on understanding concepts instead of pure repetition.  This makes for a more engaging session with teamwork being the ultimate goal.


Multiple players from the same family qualify for a 10% cumulative discount per player.


Advance signups for two sessions get $5 off, or $15 off if signing up for the year!